The Women, The Myth, The Legends:
57 years and counting

The First Ladies of Football traveled to Costa Mujeres, Mexico to shoot the brand new 2019 magazine. The online magazine features articles written by all 36 members of the First Ladies of Football.  You can view the cheerleaders photo galleries, videos and read their bios.

You will also find articles on several of the WRC Alumni – Where Are They Now? There’s also a feature on the WRC Junior Cheerleaders. You’ll find all this and more, in the 2019-20 Washington Redskins Cheerleader magazine.



At the top of the screen you will see the Navigation Bar. The + sign will enlarge the magazine, you can search with the search icon and maneuver through the pages with the arrows or type in a page number. The two diagonal arrows will enlarge the window to full screen.

The table of contents icon will open a window on the left and when you click on anything in that window it will take you directly to that page.

On the right side of the magazine you can click on the Quick Navigation tabs to take you directly to a specific section.

In the bottom left you will see the thumbnails bar, click on it and a list of all the pages in the magazine will appear, click on the page you want to see, or click the thumbnail icon again to close the thumbnails.


Watch for the “pulsing” circles to indicate there is a video about this cheerleader or this page. Click on the circle and a pop-up window will appear with the video.

Watch for the Photo Gallery icons on the cheerleaders page, when you click on it you will be taken to their bio page that includes photo galleries, videos, game day photos and more.

You can easily navigate back to the magazine or to another cheerleader’s bio by using the hamburger icon found at the top of the bio page which will become visible once you start scrolling down the page.

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