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Tenure: Rookie

Hometown: Oak Hill, Virginia

College: James Madison University

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Grace and Grit CircleAt the age of three, my parents signed me up for my first ballet class. As I walked into the dance studio for the first time, wearing a bright fuchsia leotard, matching tutu, and clutching my tiny pink slippers in hand… little did I know that my passion in life had just been found. My love for dance has continued to grow since that first ballet class. From competitively dancing in grade school, to becoming a National Collegiate Dance Team Champion, to now coaching Oakton High School Dance Team as an alumni — cheering and dancing has provide me with the most amazing opportunities in life. I have gained friendships to last a lifetime, memories that keep me nostalgic, and opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to experience if it weren’t for my passion of cheering.

The biggest gifts I’ve received through my journey includes an insurmountable amount of discipline, determination, and the ability to remain positive and motivated through trials and tribulations. As a coach, I strive to instill these traits that dance and cheer have thought me. However, knowing I could make an impact on a national scale ultimately pushed me towards achieving my childhood dream of becoming a Washington Reskins Cheerleader. The most important job I have as a cheerleader, is to always be kind, hardworking, positive, and to most importantly be the example that I would have looked up to and been proud of as a young girl with big dreams — because even one smile, one wave, or one word of encouragement can set a little girl with big dreams off to the journey of believing she can live out the life she deserves.