Page 104 - First Ladies of Football
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  OUR STAFF CHEERLEADING STAFF STEPHANIE JOJOKIAN Director/Choreographer JAMILLA KEENE Assistant Director of Marketing and Programs PHOTOGRAPHY RICHARD HUME (All photos on location in Costa Mujeres, MX) TYLER DEMOGENES (All photos on location in Costa Mujeres, MX) GARRETT CAMPBELL (On location in Mexico & Washington, D.C.) Washington Redskins Team Photographer DREW XERON (Photos on location in Washington, D.C. and Uniform photos) AARON SCHWARTZ STEWART VOLLAND CONNOR RICHTER Washington Redskins Team Videographer CALENDAR DESIGN STUDIO GRAPHICS, JUDI PRIVETT SHOOT LOCATIONS RIU PALACE COSTA MUJARES Special Thanks to CAPTAIN VILBAS FOR USE OF BOAT LOCATION THE WHARF, WASHINGTON, D.C. LA VIE RESTAURANT, WASHINGTON, D.C.          

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