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   I am beginning my third season on the team and have been lucky enough to be chosen for three Military tours, visiting four different countries over a combined 24 days. These opportunities hit very close to home for myself and my family, since my father served 30 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL. For me, being an NFL cheerleader was always my biggest dream, but I knew that along with that dream, I wanted to use my platform to give back to my community. In college, I studied Business, but coming from a Military family, I often thought about joining the Military once I completed my degrees. Military Appreciation Tours  Jumpsuit by • The A Concept with Armed Forces Entertainment have given me the opportunity to live my dream of being a Washington Redskins Cheerleader while also serving our troops in a different manner by bringing a piece of home to our brave men and women overseas fighting for freedom.  Many of our friends and family wonder what we do while visiting the troops and the nature of our trips while we are away for usually a week to ten days. Jackie’s recent blog on – Sentiments from Jackie: Memorial Day Beyond the Grill sums it up perfectly in my opinion: “We are given the chance to see what our troops overseas do on a daily basis. They take us on tours of their different departments within the bases. We get to tour the battleships, fly in the helicopters, sit in fighter jets, eat in military DFACs with servicemen and women, ride in tanks, interact with military dogs, and so many other cool things that I could spend a full day listing. It’s an opportunity for them to be proud of what they do, and show that to complete outsiders whom have no idea what goes into their daily lives.” Each base tour also usually includes a variety show of about five to six dances, crowd interaction, and question and answer time with our NFL Alumni players! It is so important for us to continue providing entertainment to our military servicemen and women, because without them, we wouldn’t be able to safely live out our dreams back home. The general consensus upon our return to the states, is that no matter how exhausted we are from traveling and long days, we cannot wait for the next opportunity to visit our Military that are serving our country overseas. 11   

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