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  WHO INSPIRES ME? Throughout my life, I have been blessed to have people or mentors who constantly inspire and motivate me. One of these people is my late boyfriend, Alexander Bement, who from the moment I met him, had such a ferocity for life and a magnetic way about him that I will always admire. Alex was someone that constantly tested the limits and left little room for doubt, who pushed me to see past my complaints or shortcomings and instead, instilled a ‘why not?’ mentality when it came to chasing my dreams – both inside and outside the studio. His energy was vibrant and infectious, and it is the type of energy I try to emulate when surrounded by my teammates, peers, or even strangers in the hopes of leaving a positive, lasting impression. He also inspires me to be kind and very intentional with my relationships, to connect deeply with others and ask questions, with no ulterior motive than to simply get to know someone and their story – most likely ending with a laugh. In his memory, I am encouraged to be the best version of myself in all facets of life. As a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, I hope to inspire the next generation of young women to live boldly and go after your passions, even if you think it’s impossible. As a businesswoman, I am pushed to be a goal-setter, goal-getter, and to break glass ceilings while remaining true to my identity as a compassionate yet driven female. As a person, I am motivated to constantly diversify my interests by allowing myself to be vulnerable and not be scared of challenges, even if it’s the uncomfortable path. As a friend, I am inspired to have a giving heart and to think less of myself by living in the service of others, especially for those whom I love. I am grateful for the influence that Alex continues to give me and cherish this inspiration just as I cherish his loving memory. Floral Outfit by • The A Concept   13    

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