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  Powerf As a woman, I am powerful. I have achieved many goals and overcome both personal and professional obstacles. I am sure of myself. I work hard and am resilient to both change and challenge. But being a strong woman doesn't mean that I can't ask for help. In fact, behind every powerful woman is a tribe of powerful women that have her back, and my teammates are one of my greatest sources of power both on and off the sidelines at FedExField. I choose to be a First Lady of Football because I am humbled by the powerful women that stand beside me. Women who cheer not only for the love of football, but also for the love of their community. Women who are strong in their own right but are a source of strength for many. Women who give back without hesitation, and live with passion and purpose. My teammates are unapologetically themselves and unconditionally loving. Their grit is inspiring and their grace is unwavering. This, to me, is the truest embodiment of my favorite core value: powerful.   15    ul 

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