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  WHO INSPIRES ME? As adults, we grow out of believing that super heroes are real; however, my idol has been a lifelong heroine. She was the very first to instill the grace and the grit in me that is one of many examples of how the First Ladies of Football empower women. She pushes me to be the very best version of myself no matter how stubborn I can be; She is my mother. As a single mother of three, she worked relentlessly on building a better life for us. From achieving her master’s degree from George Mason University, to becoming a business owner of Accounting Services, she is the influence of my strong work ethic that led me to pursue all of my dreams, including becoming a First Lady. Most importantly, my mother taught us the importance of putting family first and to forever be proud of our culture and land that is the Dominican Republic. To my Wonder Woman of a Mom, your sacrifices never go unnoticed and I thank you for always being loyal and loving to me through thick and thin! Gold Feather Top by • Michelle Lyn Designs   17     

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