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 5th Year •     WRC_Javai As my teammates and I reflect on our theme of “Grace & Grit”, I started to think about what happens when you lose your grit. What if you find yourself stuck in a state where you lack the tenacity to get anything accomplished? You have dreams and maybe even goals, but you have yet to implement anything. Here are tips on how you can get your grit back: “Good is enough and good is done!” Let that be your mantra! I had a co-worker that kept a note card that said “good is done”. While I am not suggesting mediocracy; I am suggesting that sometimes, we interfere with our own ability to obtain something by focusing on perfection. Within this pursuit for everything being “just right” — including all circumstances involved, we talk ourselves out of what could be the greatest jumpstart to our vision. Should you have a friend or professional edit your website? Of course! However, should you wait until you can pay someone three- thousand dollars to create a website? NO! Get online and use self-made websites and know that you have completed a step towards your goal! Eventually you can upgrade and relaunch once you bring in income for your business. Increase your self-regulation! Self-regulation is how we manage our moods, state of body and mind, and essentially tap into self-awareness to cope with our current state. Still confused? An example would be: finding that you are in a horrible mood and very irritable due to increased work  Javai 

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