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   As a result of this passion, I’ve accumulated a number of accolades, awards, and trophies over the years that would suggest I am indeed an athlete. For me, though, the true prize is in competing. Competere. It is derived from Latin and means “to strive or contend for something.” And if you take the words apart by its prefix (Com- meaning “together”) and root (petere- meaning “to aim at, seek”) , you arrive at a more essential definition. To be an athlete means to compete by aiming at or seeking a prize together, and competing together is the prize. I’ve always had an army of sisters with whom I could aim at gold. There is no sport — or challenge in life for that matter — that I am not able to overcome and to arrive on the side of triumph on my own. The physical and mental demands, sacrifices, and challenges that require me to grow as an athlete are only worthwhile and achievable because of the many teammates I’ve gained as sisters over the years. Their presence and support make all things possible. In my rookie season, I’m so incredibly blessed to be an athlete who aims at burgundy and gold with my sisters, the First Ladies of Football. Swimwear by • D’Milikah        39   

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