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 THE BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY With women from numerous different walks of life, diversity is a beautiful aspect of our team that we encourage and celebrate. Your First Ladies of Football represent Latin, African, European, Asian, Caribbean, and so many other cultures. We also have women of all different ages and a few mothers. Our team consists of physical trainers, entrepreneurs, students, educators and scientists, to name a few of the amazing careers. Not only do we look different from one another, but we also bring different thoughts and ideas to the table that help spur our creativity as a team and as a sisterhood. Both my mother and father came to the U.S. from the vibrant island of Jamaica! I love being able to represent African and Caribbean ancestry as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader. It allows me to show other little girls who see a piece of themselves in me that they too can be a professional cheerleader, businesswoman, stellar athlete, and so much more, all at the same time. Working in two male-dominated industries (the NFL and Locksmith industry) gives me the opportunity to defy all odds while inspiring others to break stereotypes and follow their dreams. HTTR! Dress by • Epsion Atelier Swimwear by • D’Milikah    49    

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