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   Not only is it a top ten worldwide indoor rodeo, but a local icon. The best part? 100% of its proceeds go back to help those in need in the community. For over 100 years, the Stampede has produced world class rodeos and consistently hosts world champion cowgirls and cowboys. Bringing in top performing stock and hosting superstars throughout the week-long performance isn’t even the best part. Starting in 2006, the SRS has been in partnership with the Tough Enough to Wear Pink organization, who strives to help women receive mammograms at an early age to promote early detection of breast cancer. Additionally, an advocate for higher education, the SRS sponsors young men and women on their road to college with scholarships, while supporting local service organizations and 4-H. It is easy to believe in and support an organization that supports the national community and strives to make it better, while providing top notch entertainment!   Swimwear by • Billabong 51   

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