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  Living life with Grace and Grit means pushing yourself out of your comfort zones to continuously improve who you were the day before while being humble about it. Grit is all of the internal blood, sweat and tears that you use to navigate through the tough times to achieve your goals and dreams. Grit is your inner strength, your grind and your dedication to yourself. Grace is the way you represent yourself outwardly with poise, humility and positivity. Grace allows you to see the bigger picture, trust the process and remain confident, and it allows you to empower those around you to better themselves along the way. Everyone’s life has highs and lows, and with Grace and Grit, you can become an unstoppable individual. This applies to each of us both in our everyday lives as successful young professionals, students and/or mothers, and in our lives as Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. With Grace and Grit, I’m able to put in hours of hard work, both to excel in my career and excel on the field, and do so with a smile. Floral Dress by. •. D’Milikah Black & White outfits by. •. Epsion Atelier   55      

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