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   some love, you can see a change in their personality almost instantly. It’s the most rewarding feeling in the world! I started volunteering for myself, but over time it transformed into something much bigger. What I put in; I get back ten-fold. When I volunteer, I know I’m helping make a difference. Not just to the homeless animals, but to the people who visit the shelter. Whether they’re looking for a new furry family member, turning in a stray animal, or surrendering a beloved pet, I do my best to make sure people and animals alike know the shelter is a safe place. I myself have always rescued, and I will continue to encourage people to adopt a pet instead of buying from a pet store or breeder. I’m so grateful that I’m able to do something about this passion that I have for shelter animals. In a strange way, it completes me. If we all started small by giving a little time in our communities, think about what kind of positive impact we could have all over the world. If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. If you can’t donate, educate and share. You can help save a life too!    57   

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