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   Performing on game day is just one of our many jobs as being a professional cheerleader. I have been cheering professionally for nine years. I not only cheer because I love dancing and performing, but being around a group of talented woman who push me to keep working hard. The motivation I receive from my teammates inspires me to motivate others outside of the stadium. This opportunity and platform allows us to be active with different events within our community. It also provides the opportunity to interact with young girls and boys, who aspire to have a future in the professional dance world. Using this platform to be a positive role model is so meaningful in what we do. We are the example that no goal is unreachable. I’ve continued to cheer for so long because it challenges me to better myself and my craft. It enables me to meet and impact new people and create new experiences. Becoming a professional cheerleader has positively impacted my life in so many ways. I’m honored to perform alongside my talented teammates this season.    63     

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