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   It started when my director, Stephanie asked our team if we wanted to volunteer to build a playground at Benning Elementary in D.C. with First Ladies, the Redskins Charitable Foundation and KaBOOM!. I love volunteering for child-serving organizations so I immediately jumped at this unique opportunity. I mean, how amazing would it be to build a playground in ONE day? Well, on that unique day I learned that KaBOOM! is much more than what people think. KaBOOM! is known for building playgrounds, but also offers other innovative solutions to help kids get out and play. They build sports courts and adventure courses to challenge older kids and teens. KaBoom! created the concept of “Play Everywhere” to give kids opportunities to play where families go every day – grocery stores, sidewalks, bus stops, etc. KaBOOM! helps communities find the strength they already have to make a difference and do better for their kids. And the coolest part? The kids are the ones that design their dream playgrounds! I still remember the moment I saw kids’ faces once we finished building the playground. Their huge smiles, excitement and pure joy – that’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of this mission in some way. I’m currently the full-time digital engagement manager at KaBOOM! and I’m dedicated to sharing our mission, vision, and the special stories behind the strong communities and kids we work with. I never thought that a volunteer experience would lead me to turn my passion for helping kids into a career. I’m so thankful for the doors that have opened and continue to open as a First Lady of Football to help me grow, on and off the field.  67     

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