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  Humble To me, humility comes from understanding - it’s not a natural trait. I admit that at one point in my dance career, it felt as if my talents and hard work were going unnoticed. It appeared as if people around me were advancing along their journey quicker than me. No matter how persistently I pursued certain goals, doors weren’t opening for me. It caused me to develop a sense of entitlement. Phrases such as “I deserve to be in this position” clouded my mindset during various audition processes. After hearing “no” following my fourth audition, the feeling of panic, anxiety, and fear began to set in. The thought of never attaining the dreams that I knew I was more than capable of became suffocating and overwhelming. Then, I moved from Indiana to Maryland and surrounded myself with other women who were in my situation but didn’t have the same mentality that I once held. These women also encountered plenty of auditions to no avail. Instead of putting their pride ahead of them, they took notes, made changes, and evolved. They were okay with the fact that they had not yet achieved their goal because they understood that the process was beyond their dance abilities, and more about learning to better themselves all around. It also took time and experience for me to understand everyone’s journey isn’t the same. I realized being humble throughout the journey is vital. The energy your aura projects when you embody a humbleness about yourself is undeniable. Once I figured out it wasn’t about me being the best in the room, I could embrace the lessons learned which as a result, gave me peace in knowing that one day I’d have a story to tell that will hopefully inspire someone else to change their mindset and push forward. As much as we despise the thought of failure and embarrassment, it’s one of the most reliable means of personal growth. Once I understood that, I opened myself for growth. That growth elevated my knowledge and brought me to where I am today. Luckily, life doesn’t stop teaching lessons until we humble ourselves. Swimwear by • Billabong   69    

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