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  SMART Being smart is more than having the right answers and being well versed. Being WRC Smart begins at auditions. Before making the team, you’re faced with learning and retaining multiple routines, dancing with different people, all while presenting your best self. Auditions also present the challenge of time management. You have to balance your time between practice, resting, and refueling. Once you make the team, you quickly begin to learn game day routines. You need to audition each routine at rehearsal, which is where being smart comes into play again. As dancers, we’re able to retain choreography, but interpreting the craft and staying true to the choreographer is where things become challenging. Being WRC Smart is knowing your choreographer and being stylistically cohesive as a group. You have a lot to learn beyond dance routines, from promotional events to gameday responsibilities. If you’re smart, you pay attention to the veterans and directors who are willing to share what they know because they’re investing in you. As you can see, being WRC Smart is showing up prepared, knowing the value of your time, having the ability to work under pressure, having the ability to collaborate with different people, and having the desire to learn. It’s not about what you already know, but what you’re willing to learn.   75    Suit by • Studio D’Maxsi Romper by • D’Milikah 

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