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 THE BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY We all wear the same uniform. You’ll see us on the field in our matching burgundy and gold, rhinestone-clad outfits, but people seem to forget that each of us are totally unique. Each woman has a different background, set of goals, strengths, and weaknesses than the woman next to her. These differences are what made our team so successful. By bringing different ideas to the studio, not only are we able to create more innovative routines and performances for our fans, but we’re able to learn from each other, grow as individuals, and ultimately, inspire a much larger group of young women. These are the things that make diversity so important. Our stadium, our fan base, and the entire DMV is filled with a vast array of cultures, and I’m glad we have a team that mirrors what Redskins Nation really looks like. When fans see us in uniform, they see themselves. They see their own ethnicity represented. They see inclusion and empowerment. Throughout our vast differences, our Redskins uniform unites us. The uniform takes 36 diverse women and creates one team with an incredible bond. The uniform tells young women that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there is a spot for you on our team if you have the will to pursue your dreams.     Swimwear by MBM Swimwear • Michelle Lyn Designs   77   

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