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   As a young woman navigating her way through life I have been blessed by the unexpected. As a nineteen- year-old sophomore in college I had achieved one of my lifelong dreams of becoming a NFL cheerleader. In a moment of reflection, I had to take the time to appreciate the long road it took to get here and now understand the hard work has only just begun. The young woman I was when I first auditioned to be a Washington Redskins Cheerleader is not the woman I am now. I have evolved from every challenge I faced, I have grown from every late night or long day, and I have gained a greater sense of independence and confidence in myself. I did not know what Grace & Grit truly meant until I earned my spot on the team. I am a full-time student, working two jobs. I literally asked myself, “how was I going to do this and what have I gotten myself into?” Grace & Grit is not just a catchy, motivational slogan us cheerleaders say, it is a mindset and a lifestyle. The focus it takes to go after everything I ever wanted and the grind it takes now because I have it. The mentality of a woman who will continuously strive to give nothing less than one-hundred percent, and does so with style and poise. One-Piece Swimwear by • D’Milikah Two-Piece Swimwear by • Billabong      79     

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