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  Sister “Sisterhood (noun): the relationship between sisters; the solidarity of women based on shared experiences, common interests and/or concerns.” Growing up, I was raised as my mother’s only child. I am very fortunate that I have an older sister and brother from my father’s previous marriage. However, growing up in a household as an only child is significantly different from living day-to-day with your siblings. Throughout my childhood, I longed for this type of unity. As you can imagine, it can get quite lonely being the only kid in a household (I was the Oprah Winfrey of imaginary friends). I sought out this type of camaraderie through relationships with my cousins and being a part of organized sports and clubs at school. At some point in time, I’m sure my mother got tired of constantly driving me to countless practices, competitions, and club meetings, but I am so grateful that she never denied me the opportunity to spend that quality time, not only doing something that I loved, but doing it with people that I loved as well. I grew to understand that sisterhood was a vital component in my life. I needed it as daily motivation to get through school, work, and life in general. As an adult, many of us tend to inadvertently stray away from childhood friends and family as many of our lives begin to take us in different directions. Auditioning for the First Ladies of Football was perhaps the greatest decision of my adult life, as it has given me that opportunity to continue to revel in unity, by not only providing me 35 teammates, but more importantly, 35 sisters. There are 35 women to endure some pretty grueling work-outs, practices, and muddy game days with, and there are 35 women to share victories with. There are 35 women to candidly share your fears and sad days with, and there are 35 women to uplift you and share tears of joy with. Literally, I do not go a day without sharing my life or a laugh with my sisters. The glitz and the glam is a fun aspect of being a part of this team, but having this safe space and lifelong bond with my sisters is what is most important to me. This form of unity is integral in the enrichment of a woman’s everyday life and more eminently, it is historically proven that a sisterhood, whether it is through a friendship, sorority, or political group can be crucial to the advancement of women in our society. As I aspire to be as positive and influential as the many women’s groups that have come before us, I am more so thankful that the Washington Redskins and The First Ladies of Football have brought us together and provided us with a platform to unapologetically be our authentic selves and promote the significance of sisterhood. We are the First Ladies of Football, but first, we are sisters. Click here to find out more about WOW The Women of Washington Redskins     87    Swimwear by • Billabong 

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