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 WHO INSPIRES ME? “Be your best self” is a quote I tell my daughter almost every day of the week. Why? Because she inspires me every second of my life. Giving back and focusing on her makes her do and be her most remarkable self. This little girl born into this crazy world makes me be the best version of myself. She may not understand but one day she will tell her kids or someone else’s kids the same exact thing. When someone asks who inspires her, I hope I do the things that will allow her to say MY MOM. She inspires me to take leaps and have faith that anything is possible. She pushes me to be the best I can be. My better version of myself is pushing to overcome any obstacle in that stage of life to come out reaching for a new version or goal of the next phase. Through the years you never know how you may change someone’s life, but to be that woman who has to make better choices because your daughter is watching your every move means she is someone important. From every gift she has given me, every Mother’s Day card made at school, every hand written card that sits on my desk at work, and more importantly that sweet “I love you” shows that she notices even the smallest things, and by me knowing that, shows that not only does she inspire me in the best possible way, but I inspire her to be just like me. I love you Hayden.    Dress by • Espion Atelier 7        Swimwear by • Michelle Lyn Designs  

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