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 ALUMNI     Melanie Coburn was a “Redskinette” cheering on her favorite NFL team at FedExField the very first year it opened! When she wasn’t on the sidelines, she was completing her bachelor’s of Marketing at the University of Maryland, College Park. During her tenure as a “First Lady of Football”, she traveled to over 30 countries on 10 tours with the Armed Forces Entertainment organization. Upon “retiring” from the squad, Melanie took a full-time position as the Marketing Director of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders - the first-ever marketing position devoted exclusively to cheerleaders in the NFL. While marketing for the Washington Redskins for over a decade, she built a very diverse network of clients, partners and friends, and focused on building those relationships over time. She firmly believes that by deepening your existing relationships, you ultimately expand your network by cultivating word-of- mouth marketers among these connections. She built the business side of the Redskins Cheerleaders from the ’97-’01 ground up, as the first person in the NFL to hold this position. After a few years, she found that her job became easier and easier because of the people she partnered and worked with. Melanie has always been passionate about connecting and helping others. As Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) for her unique networking community called CADRE, she now advocates for and supports over 100 CEOs and business leaders full-time. Along with her husband, Derek Coburn, they built CADRE from the ground up as well. The CADRE community, based predominately in DC, consists of professionals who are highly accomplished in their respective fields. Drawn together by a shared passion for helping others make valuable connections, CADRE members are focused on sharing resources and ideas. As CRO, Melanie serves as a liaison, strategically connecting complementary members and helping to ensure that initial meetings grow into mutually beneficial relationships. Melanie and Derek have hosted several of the group’s “Un-Networking” and “YOUniversity” events throughout the Washington Metro area, featuring esteemed speakers such as Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk, DeMaurice Smith & Dan Heath. We hosted our first CADREcon in February 2018 featuring 11 speakers (including renowned author Daniel Pink), and most recently had the Marketing Hall of Fame’s very own Seth Godin keynote CADREcon 2 in May 2019. With the cheerleaders, she used to say she was in the business of smiles. Now, through CADRE, she is a cheerleader for world-class professionals and strives to bring smiles to their faces each time she creates an opportunity for them! Melanie (Treanor) Coburn               

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