Your favorite memory as a WRC is…

Being announced as a First Lady of Football was so life changing; it was the start of a new chapter in my life. Being able to transition from dancing in the NBA as a Wizard’s Girl to the NFL was always a goal! I was in tears when I was able to make that transition and to experience a long term goal.



Tenure: 5th Year

Hometown: Clinton, MD

College: Howard University

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Grace and Grit CircleAs my teammates and I reflect on our theme of “Grace & Grit”, I started to think about what happens when you lose your grit. What if you find yourself stuck in a state where you lack the tenacity to get anything accomplished? You have dreams and maybe even goals, but you have yet to implement anything. Here are tips on how you can get your grit back:

“Good is enough and good is done!” Let that be your mantra! I had a co-worker that kept a note card that said “good is done”. While I am not suggesting mediocracy; I am suggesting that sometimes, we interfere with our own ability to obtain something by focusing on perfection. Within this pursuit for everything being “just right” — including all circumstances involved, we talk ourselves out of what could be the greatest jumpstart to our vision. Should you have a friend or professional edit your website? Of course! However, should you wait until you can pay someone three-thousand dollars to create a website? NO! Get online and use self-made websites and know that you have completed a step towards your goal! Eventually you can upgrade and relaunch once you bring in income for your business.

Increase your self-regulation! Self-regulation is how we manage our moods, state of body and mind, and essentially tap into self-awareness to cope with our current state. Still confused? An example would be: finding that you are in a horrible mood and very irritable due to increased work stress. You decide to take a 15-minute walk, and then return back to your office for your morning meeting. You don’t miss your morning meeting, but you do what you need to do to put yourself in a state where you can present yourself as respectful and engaged for your meeting. For more tips on self-regulation Google “mindfulness” strategies or take a transcendental meditation technique class.

Get ACCOUNTABLE! Pull in a friend or colleague to help you stay motivated. This is not a “YES man”, but someone who can be honest with you and is also working towards a goal. This person does not have to be in your field, but should know what you are trying to achieve. They are willing to check in with you on set dates in person, Facetime, or by phone. If the positive messages and check-in’s are not enough to keep you on track then go to the next level and pay someone. When you pay for a life coach, a class, or coaching session, you are likely to engage because you made a financial investment.

Switch it! Change it! Re-arrange it! Sometimes we have to re-prioritize our lives. Although we live in a society where growth and drive are praised, it is impossible to do everything and to do it well! In order to start working towards your goals, you may have to give up something temporarily to gain something. “To whom much is given, much is required!” Living a balanced life is difficult and it does require sacrifice. You want to be fit, but you also want to progress in your career. Can you do both? YEP! However, you might have to wake-up an hour or two earlier, or spend your Sunday mornings meal-prepping. The worst thing you might have to do is say “no” to others when what they are asking is not in line with you accomplishing your goals.

If this all seems a bit much and you still can jumpstart yourself, consider that it is not your fault. It might not be your fault, but you can still be a part of the solution! There is hope! Consider that you could be experiencing the common cold of mental health depression. Or perhaps your anxiety levels have sky rocketed to an unmanageable level, or you need to figure out why you are sabotaging yourself. Seek help like millions of Americans do daily, and go to a licensed therapist or counselor. Do it now! Do not talk yourself out of getting help. The investment you make in yourself could be the start to working towards the future that you have always wanted. Your grit is somewhere in there; you were born with it!

Now take five to ten minutes out of your day to envision yourself crushing your goals and engaged in the life you want! What does it look like? Who is there? Where are you? And how do you feel?

Cheers to getting your grit back and the grace to know that you don’t have to be perfect! – WRC Javai

Javai is a licensed mental health therapist that works with adults, children, and families. She is passionate about decreasing mental health stigma. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and loves helping others pursue their purpose and maintain their resilience. To keep up with her follow her on instagram @WRC_Javai!