What’s the best part about being a WRC?

The best part of being a WRC is inspiring the next generation of dancers and cheerleaders. Working with the Junior Redskins Cheerleaders and All Stars is rewarding and my favorite thing I get to do.



Tenure: 3rd Year

Hometown: Eldersburg, MD

College: Howard Community College & Towson University

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Why I Give Back

“To build a positive and measurable impact in the lives of children that need it most”. This was Dan and Tanya Snyder’s vision upon the creation of the Redskins Charitable Foundation in 2000. This mission statement lines up with my values and what I believe in most. The youth is the future, and I have been given the opportunity and platform to be able to impact and inspire. Over the years, the Foundation has served over 175,000 individuals, majority children, and being a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple Redskins Charitable Foundation events during my time with the team.

Some of my favorite events that I have participated in include Redskins Read, Redskins FITT, and School Outreach Builds, to name a few. The Redskins Read events promote and encourage reading in local elementary schools and allow us to read to students and play games centered around reading. My favorite thing about this event is handing out books to each student because I love seeing the students light up when they receive their very own set of books. The Redskins Charitable Foundation also promotes fitness with their Redskins FITT events, including Play 60 events. At these events you get to play and be active, while also learning how important it is to eat healthy and fuel your body. Being active and fueling your body correctly are also important and necessary to be a cheerleader.

Being able to volunteer my time to help with the School Outreach builds is another thing I love. The entire Redskins organization will come together for a day to build a different part of a school. During my rookie year I helped build a playground and play area. This season, my teammates and I, helped to build an outdoor classroom for Brookfield Elementary School. These events are special to me for a few reasons: One – the entire Redskins organization, from players and cheerleaders to front office staff, work together to complete the build. Two – you get to see the reaction and the appreciation from all of the students and staff at the school. You get to meet students and see just how excited they are for this new area that they get to explore. The teachers and staff are extremely thankful that they have this new opportunity to enhance their teaching and ability to educate. Three – these events allow me to give back to the youth of my community, and to inspire them. Being a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, I have a platform that I get to use to inspire, impact, and give back to my community. The Redskins Charitable Foundation encourages all three, and I love every chance I get to be part of
an event.