What’s the best part about being a WRC?

I am constantly being pushed to be a better person, everyday by the hardworking women that make this team.



Tenure: Rookie

Hometown: Windsor, CT

College: Northern Virginia Community College

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“Talented” takes a lot of forms when it comes to Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. You need talent to make the team, but this goes way beyond just dancing skills.

You need to be talented to have the ability to adapt, to pick up choreography quickly, to have
the stamina to get through practices and workouts every week, and to be a well-rounded role model.

On this team, each person is talented in their own way and that’s what makes us so versatile. We have strong, talented women who are software engineers, singers, nurses, physical therapists and more.

I have been dancing all of my life, and I love how this team pushes me to become more talented in not just dance, but all forms of my life. My talent of dance allows me to become a dance teacher and inspire kids every day when I step inside my dance studio.